We preserve the Amazon by planting trees with local indigenous communities. Adopt yours and plant your name.


A tree for me

Offset your carbon footprint and plant a tree with your name next to it



A tree to give away

Today is a special day to give a gift full of life to your loved ones.



Green leaves to give your condolences

A tree planted in honor of a deceased person


-5 %

Siembra en pareja

Two trees in the Amazon plus a 5% discount, your name next to that special person's name.

$23.98 $22.78

-10 %

Siembra en familia

Four trees to mark with the name of your loved ones at a 10% discount.

$47.96 $43.16

-15 %

Siembre con amigos

Share a unique gift with your friends. Receive 6 trees with a 15% discount.

$71.94 $61.15


Amazon Seed

Plant one (1) tree every month



Amazon Tree

Plant five (5) trees every month



Amazon Forest

Plant ten (10) trees every month
*Plus invitation to the yearly amazon retrieve



What is a tree adoption?


For only $11.99 dollars a native tree will be planted in the Amazon with the name you choose on it. It can be your own or the one of a person to whom you want to give it. The tree will be planted by the indigenous communities that work with us.


You receive a letter with a picture of the planted tree and a certification diploma

Both carry information of the tree’s coordinates since it is georeferenced on a virtual map. Every 6 months during the first three years you will receive a follow up photo so you can see its growth.



You help with food, shelter and health for indigenous communities.

Certification diploma and welcome letter with information about your tree.

Photo of the tree and georeferencing on our virtual map.

Online platform for tracking your tree on web and mobile devices

Conservation of the Amazon and its communities