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Did you know that the climate crisis and the deforestation of the Amazon, better known as one of the "lungs of the world" are factors that every day threaten the conservation of the environment and planet earth on which we live more than
7.9 billion human beings?

It is from this serious problem that Saving the Amazon, a non-profit organization that seeks to save the Amazon by through the planting of trees, as the main focus of his cause. Find out how we have joined Agrocampo to fight the climate crisis and how they are now part of our socio-environmental commitment.

Why does Agrocampo join this cause?

Agrocampo is a company that has a human team that generates well-being for its collaborators and clients, supported by values. Therefore, they are in favor of leading different causes that lead to change towards a better world.

It is where the generation of environmental awareness, female empowerment, circular economy and sustainability have become the main pillars of the company to be able to work PRO for the development of society.

Thus, They were encouraged to be the first company in the sector that contributes to caring for the environment by participating in this type of movement. Even more so, taking into account the great interest that for years has characterized them regarding the promotion of the social and economic development of the indigenous communities that this project has implicit in its mission.

For the above, some of the main drivers to join the Saving the Amazon cause were:

  1. Convey company values in a project of great impact for the environment and society.
  2. Offset carbon footprint generated by different industries.
  3. Promote different goals of corporate responsibility and influence the different agents belonging to the livestock and pets sector to join this eco-environmental activity.
  4. Strengthen socio-environmental commitment that has been implemented in the company for years.
  5. manifest your commitment to the planet

It is for the above and for many other compelling reasons that this is a new project that begins today in the awareness of all the company's collaborators, with the intention of also transmitting it to customers, suppliers and competitors.

Remember that The Amazon is the most important ecological sanctuary on planet earth, so it is worth doing our bit in PRO of your care. If you are looking to support this movement, do not forget to follow us on social networks to be aware of its launch and dissemination. Help us spread this campaign! So that more and more people join us and thus be able to achieve a real change, know how to enter 

Did you know that you can adopt a tree and transform the lives of indigenous communities?
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  • 1. Fight poverty.
  • 2. Revert the climate crisis.
  • 3. Support indigenous communities.
  • 4. Protect biodiversity.
  • 5. Protect the water.
  • 6. Preserve de Amazon rainforest.
Por favor espera que salgan los botones....!

Thank you for saving the Amazon

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